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Lorette Powell

Mrs. Powell comes from a very strong swimming background and love of sports. Lori herself and other family members swam competitively, taught and coached swimming. In the 80’s she was approached by Anne Stafford to form the CIASA (Cayman Islands Amateur Swimming Association). She helped to develop swimming from a small after school program of a few 100 children a week to 1000’s going through the program a week producing Olympic level athletes. Lori and her late husband Mackie Powell have three daughters all of which were heavily involved in the sport of swimming at an international level. Their commitment sparked her interest in continuing to dedicate her time toward sport and its ability to benefit the wider community and enforce the impact it has on young women.

Powell has been actively involved with sports on the island for many years, including serving for many years as Vice President of the Cayman Island Swimming Association and serving as the Olympic Committee representative for swimming. Mrs. Powell is the first female elected to the CIOC executive, serving four terms (2004-2020) as the Vice President of the CIOC executive board. Powell was also Vice President of the Island Games Association for 14 years. Currently, Mrs. Powell acts as the CIOC’s first female Interim President (2020-present).

Mrs. Powell has been an assistant team manager for 6 Island Games, and team manager for 2 Island Games, which included the 1999 games in Gotland where she served as team manager for swimming. Lori served as Chef de Mission for Commonwealth Games 2006 in Melbourne Australia, and Chef de Mission for the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing and 2012 in London.

CIOC Presidents
Douglas Calder: 1973 – 1989
Ernest Foster: 1989 – 1992
Robert Nunes: 1992 – 2001
Jerris Miller: 2001- 2005
Donald McLean: 2005 – 2020
Lori Powell: 2020 – Present