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Donald McLean

Donald McLean
CIOC President

Mr. Donald McLean has been involved in sports from an early age, and has competed in sports such as: football, athletics, rowing, tennis, and sailing. In 1990 and 1993 he competed in the Central American and Caribbean Games in Sailing (J24) and 1996 Olympics in Sailing (Star class).

Mr. McLean competed in a number of other international events in Sailing including 1998 and 1999 Star Class World Championships, and he was Chef de Mission for the Cayman Islands Team in the 2000 Olympic Games. In addition, Mr. McLean has fulfilled the position of the Secretary General of the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee from 2001-2005.

CIOC Presidents
Douglas Calder: 1973 – 1989
Ernest Foster: 1989 – 1992
Robert Nunes: 1992 – 2001
Jerris Miller: 2001- 2005
Donald McLean: 2005 – Present